Sunday, January 5, 2014

Buy with Bitcoins or Altcoins

When you buy NumZumZero through the regular store channel, you will have to use regular old-fashioned cash to pay for your copy of the game.

Contact me (r2b2droiddev [@]  if you prefer to pay using Bitcoins (BTC) or altcoins such as Litecoins (LTC). I will give you the current price in coins. If you decide to buy the game for that amount, I will send you the address for payments. Once payments are received, I will send you a copy of the game via the store.


There are two editions of NumZumZero: the regular edition and the Slim Edition.

The Slim Edition box holds less  cards, since it does not include Victory Tokens or rules. Instead of using fancy victory tokens, you track your victory points using pen & paper, phone, or match sticks (none of these are included). Rules can be downloaded from the store.

The Slim Edition can also be used to expand your original game to accommodate an additional 4 players.

How To Play (Full Rules)

The store page will always have the most recent rules. You can download the rules directly from the store using this link.

How to Play (brief)

In NumZumZero, players are dealt cards from two suits, orange and blue. Each card has a face value. The play area consists of three columns and players take turns playing one of their cards in one of the columns. When the total face value of blue cards matches the value of orange cards in the same column, the player who played the last card collects all cards from the column and earns points.

Players also have the option to play a few trick moves. Advanced and Expert game play variations add more strategy and depth to the game, e.g. by assigning bonus points to cards and adding more tricks.
Game play example
A column holds an orange 5 and a blue 3. Player One adds a orange 6. The total value of all blue cards (3) does not match the total value of all orange cards (9). Player One does not earn any points. Next turn, player Two adds a blue 3 to a column containing an orange 1 and 2. The total value of all blue cards (3) is now equal to the total value of  all orange cards (3), so Player Two collects the cards and earns a point. The player with most points at the end of the game wins. 

About NumZumZero

NumZumZero is a card game for 2-4+ players. This site contains background information, links to the store pages, rules information and anything else about the game.

NumZumZero is available from The Game Crafter. You can also order directly from the author, by mailing r2b2droiddev [@] This is also the address for any questions about the game.